Thursday, October 1, 2009

The quick brown fox jumps over the dead dog...

This is my very first blog. As more of a test than anything else, I've decided to post the very first image I scribbled down for the very first piece of work I was set - just to see how it all looks.

A simple character design, I wanted to create something that was bold, aesthetically pleasing and that encompassed my general style of drawing. My work often personifies imagery which while at first glance may look like a pretty children's illustration, actually harbours much more sinister undertones.

I wanted to demonstrate this contrast in this particular character and so after making the decision that he be a 'soldier', I then chose that he should be an animal rather than the typical Gears of War-esque muscle ridden human. As you tend to find that most army-man designs are dull greys and browns, I figured that in order to make my guy look different, he must be a loner - independent of any group or standard uniform. Inspired by the 'wanderer' from the Fallout series, I imagined the fox as an explorer of some war-torn world. Perhaps he has left his home for that very reason - to escape the restraints of an overbearing religion or military organisation. Being a traveller, he now experiences countless other cultures and I wanted this to be reflected in his appearance. His clothes are an amalgamation of multiple outfits representing his worldly wisdom and open-mindedness, while his weapons and armour suggest the hostile enviroment and his strong survival skills.

The image was created entirely using Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom graphics tablet.


  1. His shoulderpad makes me think of the Comedian from The Watchmen.

    I really love the mish-mash uniform/outfit/armour he wears. Really awesome!

  2. Fantastic image dude! I saw it up close today for the first time, and it's way awesome. Vibrant colours, excellent detailing, the combination of the cartoony and anthromorphic with the gritty setting, badass personality and armour is really reminiscent of old 80s/90s cartoons like Biker Mice from Mars, SWAT Cats and Bucky O'Hare.

    My only critique is that the arms, the knife one in particular, seems kinda spry compared to his bulked up buff legs.

  3. Wow, I'm a little slow on noticing the comments it seems =P Haha!
    Cheers guys! I love seeing other peoples perspectives of my ideas - I only watched the Watchmen a couple of days before starting this so maybe the Comedian was lurking in my subconscious? Also, 'anthropomorphic' is a word I happen to be very fond of. A lot of the images I've made over the past year or so have involved Animals in human drag, bearing weapons and more often instruments. I even made a full comic for my girlfriend about a little girl who befriends a group of woodland creatures in the forest and starts a band with them, hehe. The Bucky O'Hare similarities had gone completely unnoticed in the design but I see them now and I think it might be a good place to look back for some inspiration.
    I think someone else had mentioned the legs and I agree when you look closely, it does look a bit odd. The thighs were supposed to look kind of big and round like a real dogs do but I think I kind of messed up the perspective a little and its ended up looking a little mixed up, hehe.
    Neways, cheers again - I appreciate the comments! =D