Thursday, November 5, 2009

Please make my game =)

Pitch Document

My full pitch document in PDF format. Boy did it take me a while to get this up and working! But it's worth it - you can full screen it and then change the view mode and even browse it like a real book. Whoopee!

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  1. Absolutely fantastic for a first pitch doc! You even put most of the second years to shame lol, as it should be I guess, us being big scary MA students and all :P

    All the stuff that should be common sense but never seems to be is there; you emphasised the mood and tone of your game in the art direction and aesthetic of the document as a whole, you covered the relevant topics, included a good mix of text and imagery, and you even have storyboard style images for mechanics, which is just one step down from the holy grail of pitch materials; representations of the finalised game via mock up screens. I'm sure some of those will appear in your GDD though!

    Clever way to implement so many pages into your blog too, was easy to read.