Monday, April 12, 2010


I've stared at this for so long, I genuinely can't tell whether it is finished/any good?
I thought photoshop would be a welcome break from Maya but I have come to the conclusion that both are brain-hurters and the only way I'll deal with them is to bounce back and forth between the two.

Well ...back to Maya it is...


  1. whoa! Diggin the new blog visuals man ;D Tempts me into revampin' mine at some point in the future... but, Uni deadlines first I think haha

    Anyway, sweet image, I love the atmosphere the weather creates perhaps most of all, as well as how the creatures back bends as if part of the environment.

    Teams of armoured dudes versus giant creatures though, demands you take a look at the Lost Planet 2 demo. This specifically: (wait past the interview bit)

    May give you some inspiration in terms of mechanics/visuals. I actually did not enjoy this battle because the creature was very trapped in a predictable routine, which saw me waiting long stretches of time for rare oppurtunities to deal proper damage. (this is mostly because I was playing by myself, and clearly this boss is designed for 3-4 players to wrestle)

    As ever, good luck John! And look deep in your soul... you know photoshop is a kind and gentle lover compared to Maya, who is a harsh leathery dominatrix she-witch.

  2. I think it's good, though the trees to the right are a little distracting to me, especially with the vehicle right next to it and the guy jumping off. Maybe you could frame the whole thing better without it? Seems like you got action going on in all 4 corners of the picture, so maybe the trees aren't needed?

    The lighting is very nice and your painting as always is solid. I'm liking the picture a lot, good stuff. And yeah, Steve is right in that PS is a lot more forgiving, but I know that 2D art can take just as much out of you, just different concentration on different areas.

  3. Cheers guys!

    I have indeed checked out the LP2 vid. Although I was aware large monsters were involved, I had no idea it was such a major focus of the game. Rather than being worried, I figure I shall take a leaf from your book with your projects from last semester and take solace from the fact that at least I'm thinking along the same lines as contemporary designers.

    I agree the image is quite busy, I did in fact want the scope to be even larger, showing many more guys attacking it in various ways but animating my scene has now taken priority. Framing it differently for now might be a good idea though.

    Twas wrong of me to compare PS to Maya in any way shape or form. Like you say, it can take as much out of you, but I think that comes from you rather than the program itself. I find Maya to be insanely unintuitive whereas I would compare PS to using a Mac - it just does exactly what you want it to do, how you tell it do it with no unnecessary hassle.

    This animating malarky, while awesome once you have the finished results, is a major brain-drainer!