Monday, February 22, 2010


Some further conceptual developments. Still moving in the same direction, I was aiming to flesh out some of the designs I had produced earlier.

As mentioned in previous posts, I really wanted to spend some time looking at the helmets. I remember seeing an interview with some of the guys at Bungie who said that the silhouettes of both Master Chiefs Helmet and battle rifle were two elements that became incredibly important in forming a unique identity for the Halo franchise. They set it apart form all the other sci-fi shooters out there. Once again, there are bits I like, and bits which just look horrible...
Here, I was experimenting with different ideas for webbing and the placement of it on the soldiers body. Additionally, I sketched in some of the rough weapon designs and where they too might be carried on the person.
For the first time, I mocked up how some of the outfits might look plus helmets. A couple of them I worry, look more like space-men than soldiers...
Sketch illustrating the 'on-screen' feedback that the soldier and possibly also the player will use to see important information about the environment and their own health/ammo/crosshair/missions etc.
A final design for the rifle, showing the shoulder support and side-loading magazine. I plan to create a diagrammatic drawing explaining all it's functions as a multi-purpose weapon and how it can be customised in game.

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