Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay! So here's the finished concept for the playable soldiers. This guy is mean, he's dressed all in black, sporting a blood-red visor and the awesome customisable rifle shown in my last post - all in all, I was pretty happy with him. And then Halo came to bite me in the ass once more. I swear, while I've been doing these drawings, that I haven't been playing and/or thinking about Halo!
...but that guy I just 'designed' - he's pretty much just an ODST isn't he?
In a feverish panic I went online and grabbed a tonne of reference images to make some comparisons (yes, that should have been the first thing I did on this project but I've only just got internet back so forgive me!). In terms of ego, it's definitely never a good idea to place your work side by side with that of the pro's, but in this case, I'm looking at style and subject rather than skill. As you can see, my design could easily be a concept for a soldier in Halo. Saying that, it could probably quite easily be a concept for a soldier in Killzone. At a push, it could be a grunt in GOW (if I bulked him up a little). But I wouldn't consider any of the three games mentioned to be carbon copies of one another. Each one has something stylistic which makes it stand out from the pack. I'm worried my design is just incredibly generic - that it could fit into any slot, definitely aint a good thing!
Thinking about this then, I figured I need an angle. A source of inspiration which I can use as the main focus of research.
So without really thinking, I blasted out the above image as a sketch and all of a sudden, ancient Japan swooped into my brain and took over. I changed the brush I was using on PS (haha - but it does make a difference!), altered the colour palette slightly and grabbed a background from online.
This guy looks different right? I mean there's obviously more work to be done, but I think I've found a better direction. What if all the military hardware is based upon or has connotations with ancient Japanese culture. Samurai's and Ninjas ALWAYS look cool =P And it something different for me. A new area which may help me to improve as an artist while hopefully creating something which is more original and unique.'s hoping anyway!...
Finally, this is the (unfinished) concept for one of the vehicles I've been working on, sourced from the early drafts I did in Jan. I'm pretty happy with the shape and form so as soon as I've settled on the texture and colour, I think it will be the first thing I will properly build in Maya. It has no real moving parts so in order to animate it, alls I need do is have it move from one side of the screen to the other. Can't be too difficult?...

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